What is an Insurrectionist Artist?

An Insurrectionist Artist is the mother who has had to flee an abusive relationship with her children in tow, and those who see their plight and give aid out of pure human compassion.

An Insurrectionist Artist is the child who knows the merciless pain of hunger and the cruelty of abuse, and those who feel that child’s suffering and commit themselves to feeding and protecting our babies out of genuine human love.

An Insurrectionist Artist is one who has endured the cold indifference of child-homelessness and those who have committed themselves to providing them warmth out of pure human mercy.

The Insurrectionist Artist has endured the inhumanity of this world, where profit is more important than People; they have witnessed the horror of hate, and they have been compelled to move against it.

There are Insurrectionist Artists who have survived the battle with breast cancer, and though not unscathed have channeled that hurt and heroism into images of beauty which empower the search for a cure on the breast cancer cause-wall.

There are Insurrectionist Artists who have loved ones, or have themselves been stricken by the stigma and fear of the HIV/AIDS infection who have valiantly channeled their experience into raising awareness, shattering ignorance and aiding the fight to find a cure on the HIV/AIDS wall.

The Insurrectionist Artists are the children that see their parents or grandparents slowly lost in the mental mists of Alzheimer’s Disease and have made a conscious decision to share the horror of this ailment with the world as they search for a cure on the Alzheimer Disease cause-wall.

The Insurrectionist Artist is one who not only recognizes that our collective humanity is being preyed upon by systemic social ills, but who is committed to changing the nature and structure of that system so it serves to preserve and uplift humanity.

Art is a social process, a living embodiment of human beings as social creatures. Art is without a material force of it does not also have an art lover to appreciate it. The Insurrectionist Artists not only speak truth to power with their images, but they invite all of humanity to join them by admiring these pieces, purchasing these works and thereby contributing to the ultimate cure for the social ills each cause-wall is dedicated to.

It is through this symbiosis of art and art enthusiasts that the Insurrectionists Art Collective (I.A.C.) is transformed from an idea into a material force of good in our world.

But what makes the Insurrectionists Art Collective (I.A.C.) ‘Insurrectionists’?

It is because we recognize that the social norms of this world preserve and promote greed and intolerance, and we defy these social norms. The values of modern society cultivate conformity to racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, religious intolerance, misogyny, and naked self-interest, while we consciously combat these manifestations of hate, shattering the bonds of conformity to blaze a train to a brighter world through the beauty we create within it.

We are insurrectionists because we will not be bound by the dictates of inhumanity which act as the foundation for modern societies. We recognize it as a blight on human civilization and have determined to use the universal language of humanity to eradicate that blight: ART.