Seeking Sponsors

The I.A.C. is actively seeking sponsors for each cause-wall. The sponsorships, though designed to support the cause itself that each wall represents, will at some point be used to support long range visions of the IAC such as community-based direct action programs which offer free services to underclass communities targeting these social ills.

Funds from sponsorships of the breast cancer cause-wall will also be used to produce mobile mammogram units which will go door to door to offer free mammograms and breast cancer education.

Funds from the Alzheimer’s Disease cause-wall will also be used to produce mobile screening cars which can go door to door to screen senior citizens in poor communities for Alzheimer’s and connect them and their families to services and treatment programs, including community-based services which ensure supervision to ensure they are taking their medications, their homes are secure, and they are not left to wander and get lost.

Funds from sponsorships of the domestic violence cause-wall will go to producing community-based safe houses and pick-up units to ensure victims have safe and secure sites and transportation when victimized by this abuse.

Sponsorships of the child hunger / -abuse cause-wall will also provide free meals and food security programs (urban gardens, etc.)  as well as Abuse Rescue Units specially trained to effectively intervene for the safety of abused children.

Funds from sponsors of the Homelessness cause-wall will also be used to fund community-based intervention initiatives and temporary shelters which will provide opportunities for the affected to break the cycle of homelessness.

Funds from sponsors of the HIV/AIDS cause-wall will go towards establishing mobile HIV/AIDS clinics which will offer education, protection (condoms, clean needles, etc.) and testing to high-risk populations (teens, sex-workers, college campuses, homosexuals, I.V. drug users, etc.), all with the support of these sponsors.