Mission Statement

Human civilization has been influenced by art since the dawn of humanity. Our world today is being consumed by a rapacious system which is tainting every area of human activity, manifesting itself as endemic social ills across entire societies.

Imperialism, racism, classicism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, child exploitation, mass incarceration and other forms of hate manifest themselves as material forces as breast cancer, homelessness, HIV/AIDS infections, domestic violence, Alzheimer’s disease, child hunger& exploitation, and the many social ills which plague our daily lives constantly.

The Insurrectionists Art Collective is a collective of activist artists who not only defy the mundane standards of conformist art, but actively seek to positively change these social ills through their art and action, to combat hate with heart, to combat inhumanity with art.

The Insurrectionists Art Collective is not only a canvas upon which the human suffering we all endure can be exposed, not only a tool in the hands of the insurrectionist artist to build the type of civilization which nurtures humanity, but also a weapon with which to defend all humankind from those who advocate, through word or deed, the oppression of man and woman by man and woman.

Ideas change our world and Insurrectionist Artists not only inspire the imaginations which fuel new ideas, but are themselves products of the ongoing conflict between the ideal of the Humane Civilization and the ideal of Greed and Hate embodied in the productive system.