Kwanzaa art cards

We offer you these beautifully detailed Kwanzaa cards made by Insurrectionist Artist Heshima. Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated for unity, togetherness, cooperation and healing together. Sending your loved ones a card during the Kwanzaa-time makes them spiritually included in this communal feast celebrated in the last week of the year.

If you want to order our set of 4 cards (2 designs each), you can send us €5.00 + €2.25 (postage&packing), or if you are ordering in the U.S.A. you will receive these for $5.60 + $2.50 (postage&packing). 10% of the proceeds will go to a good cause. THANK YOU!

Paypal account to pay and let us know where to send your order: Insurrectionistsartcollective [@]

Proceeds will go to the Memorial fund for the brother of Heshima, Darryl Denham, which will be spent on college scholarships.

Drawing of an Afrikan mask with celebrationists dancing around it, by Heshima

Kwanzaa Mask with joyous celebrants, by Heshima

Drawing of a pyramid with dignified deity figures showing unity, strength, dignity, by Heshima

Kwanzaa Pyramid, by Heshima, showing deities with dignity and unity